Why offer this?

Because good business is when everyone wins!

I don't know about you, but ... I love it when things come together, flow, and it's easy to say, "YES PLEASE!" ... And that's exactly what I'm offering here; an easy YES for websites when people or businesses don't have a big budget to spend.

Let me save you the hassle and headache of figuring it out yourself, and more than likely not getting what you want.

One of my best skills is content organization. I love taking information, ideas, photos, text, and references, and synthesizing them into cohesive and visually engaging layouts.

How it works
  1. Free 30 minute initial phone call
  2. Content gathering, creating, and organizing
  3. 1st round of designs created and sent to client
  4. Phone call (or in person if local) meeting to discuss designs
  5. 2nd round of designs, integrating initial round of feedback
  6. Email or phone call to finalize any small tweaks to 2nd round of designs
  7. Website is then built and coded in test environment (mimics a live environment)
  8. Website test link is shared for review
  9. Any feedback from test environment is integrated or adjusted
  10. Website gets moved from test to live environment
  11. Client is shown how to use and edit their new website
  12. Everyone celebrates!
What's Included

Design & Development

  • 1 Professionally designed & coded website with your custom branded look and feel
  • Easy to find information and pages by providing users a clean user friendly navigation
  • Fully responsive website to meet current-day coding standards
  • Mobile friendly
  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO) website and training on how to fully utilize
  • Ability to change content (text, images, uploads) for anyone with login access to the website
  • Single or multiple page site encompassing all necessary content
  • Training videos on how to update, change, and create new content for the website
  • Google Analytic Integration
  • Ability to see what words or terms people search for on your site
  • Numerous plugins or addons which you do not have to buy separately and pay for yourself   ($150+ value)
  • 30 Minutes FREE initial phone consultation   ($45 value)
  • 90 Minutes of talk time: This time is primarily used to discuss the design and website   ($125+ value) ... any additional time is charged at an hourly rate

Hosting & Maintenance

  • 1 Domain Name   ($25+ value)
  • 1 Year of Website Hosting   ($240+ value)
  • Monthly Backups of Website   ($30+ value)
  • Plenty of data, storage, and transfer rate for nearly any type of site
  • 5 Free Email accounts   (additional accounts are $5 each per year)
  • Security and Maintenance done for you   ($150+value)
  • Anytime you have a question or need anything you can reach me directly by email or phone   (PRICELESS)
What's NOT Included

Additional time accrued for any of the following will be logged as “design time” and is rounded to the minute at the designated hourly rate. Estimates will be provided prior to the execution of any of these tasks.

  • Writing new or additional text content for the site from scratch. If at any point new content needs to be drafted and added into the new site, the client is expected to provide approved text as needed.

    If a writer is needed please let me know and I can work with a writer to help you finalize the necessary text
  • Font, photo, or plugin purchases which require additional functionality not discussed prior to beginning of the project.
  • Talk time exceeding the initial 30 minute consultation or 150 talk time limit
  • Logo design or branding specific for a product or the client
  • Customized or specifically built plugins or addons of any kind for the site
  • Shopping cart integration of any kind   (priced separately as an additional charge)
Additional Details
  • Not all sites qualify for the $1,000 package — this is why an initial phone consultation may be needed.
  • After the initial year of hosting the client is responsible for the normal annual fee required to maintain the website and domain name through Barry Costa, LLC.